Providing a sustainable solution

Used products, good quality and inexpensive


“Some people say: ‘The best waste is that which was never produced.’ That may seem obvious, yet completely avoiding any kind of waste is not always simple or even possible with our current linear economic model. Fortunately, plenty of initiatives are being drawn up to make sustainable business possible. One example of such an initiative is giving products a second life. And that’s possible with Manutan! In addition to our ‘normal product range’, you can also opt for used products. Of course, these are subject to the same quality standards that you are used to from us. And, these are also much more inexpensive.

Enterprising for a better world

It’s embedded in our DNA

The government's goal is to have a fully circular economy in the Netherlands within 30 years. At Manutan, we strive as much as possible each day to satisfy our customers, employees, and suppliers. By balancing all parties, we are able to express this circular philosophy.Our mission to satisfy customers, provide personal growth opportunities for our employees, and strengthening our relationships with our suppliers is what we call ‘Enterprising for a better world’.

Offering used products aligns perfectly with our mission. Furthermore, the circular economy is one of the four pillars of our approach to fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The circular economy ensures materials and products are shared, repaired, refurbished, rented, reused, and recycled for as long as possible. This results in an extension of product life cycles. When a product’s lifespan is reached, all of its parts re-enter the production process again to make new products, so that no additional waste is created.


Part of the Manutan Group since 2019

To facilitate the supply of used items, we collaborate with our partner, an international all-in-one supplier for the warehouse, workplace, and internal transport for all branches of industry.

With 60 years of experience, Kruizinga’s greatest passion and challenge are to satisfy all of our customer’s storage and transport needs. Our highly dedicated team of professionals ensure that our customers can always count on a personal approach. This is how guarantees that every solution is delivered intelligently and according to customisation requirements. So, we provide every customer with a distinctive solution. has been part of the Manutan Group since June 2019. We are increasingly combining our strengths and services to better serve our customers. You can expect superb quality, the best prices, and maximum availability from our rapidly changing product range.

‘At, we offer new products, used products, custom solutions, or we rent products to ensure that your supply chain and all of your logistics processes run smoothly. We believe that used items deserve a second chance. And, improving every day leads to innovation that results in progress. This is how we contribute to a circular economy. We strive to help our customers make their own day-to-day circular contribution with a constant flow of used items in our product range. I’m certain we can support Manutan’s customers in the same way. Welcome!’

Boris Vildósola Bustos, Managing Director Kruizinga BV

How does it work?

We keep it simple so we can offer you the best price

Purchasing used items is most profitable for all parties involved when the processes involved are kept simple. That is why we made this as easy as possible for Manutan customers.

  1. Click on the desired category or this link. A new window will open and redirect you to the environment.
  2. Select your product or request a quote and confirm your choice.
  3. The handling of the order or quotation takes place entirely within the environment.
  4. Have you got a question about your order? Call Kruizinga BV at +31 88 533 15 55

What you should know

Your order is supplied by, not by Manutan

  1. To order products on, you need to create an account on the website.
  2. The prices listed for used products on the website are nett prices. Any promotional or commercial agreements with Manutan do not apply to orders at
  3. You can place orders separately at Manutan and, but these cannot be delivered together.
  4. As a customer, you can expect that the services at are at the same level as you are used to at Manutan.
  5. The quality of used items corresponds with its price, decent quality, and readiness for use. Please keep in mind that these items are not new.
  6. The General Terms and Conditions of Kruizinga BV apply to orders placed via